As TORUN DIE CASTING, we always know that every product can be manufactured better. Nowadays, R & D and innovation studies determine the future of production processes . Therefore, we manufacture our components with competitive prices with our advanced tools and technologies, and we develop a rich solution proposal for all our customers from different sectors with zero defective manufacturing strategy. Beyond tracking innovations, in our R&D center which is supported by the Republic of Turkey and which is powered by the experience of the TORUN Group, we are realizing many tests and researching in order to become a leading company. Everything is for making perfection for all the aluminum injection casting parts from manufacturing our facilities and for breaking the grounds as TORUN DIE CASTING .

Features of our R&D Center:

  • Equipped staff with more than 40 machines and metallurgical engineers
  • Business union with various universities in Europe
  • Automation projects developed by group automation and investment unit
  • Projected automation transitions in all group facilities
  • Advanced tools and technologies to increase production capacity; equipped modern facilities
Innovation-and-R&D I Torun Die Casting