The Torun Group Purchasing Department which supports all of the world’s suppliers from A to Z in all stages, are preparing to add new suppliers to the market. Torun Group which has the purchasing power of millions of Euros of each year, is ready to take new steps in the region for long-term and healthy business cooperation.

The areas where Torun Group wants to work together at the supply point are:

  • Energy
  • Investment
  • Raw material
  • Auxiliary Material

In addition to the supply phase, TORUN Group is planning to go to co-operation in stages such as packing and preparation for transport.

If you want to work with the Torun Group, which has years of experience in its field, you can contact us by e-mail.

Come and let’s build the future together.

Qualifications That We are Looking for Our Suppliers:

  • Quality assurance document or certificate (ISO or another example)
  • References and quality reports from customers
  • Experience in the field
  • Customer oriented approach
  • Being oriented of solution and technology
  • Usage of foreign language (English / German)
  • Production & manufacturing power
  • Strong second contractor / subcontractor relationships

Principles of Purchasing Process

Free Trade:

The Torun Group is in a business alliance with all suppliers regardless of geography. While forming the supplier chain, Torun Group makes choices based on fair competition, quality, technological competencies, cost, delivery assurance, management scheme and customer approach.

Mutual Trust:

Torun Group is grounded on mutual trust and healthy communication to grow together.

Environmentally Friendly Approach:

The Torun Group aims to make all the materials used before, during and after manufacturing as least effective for the environment. Torun Group is also expected to act sensitively towards the environment by business alliance companies.

Benefit for Local Economy:

The Torun Group, which is a global company in its field, always prioritizes and supports local economies.


The Torun Group is committed to comply with the rules and regulations in all its projects until the very finest detail and takes great care to keep private trade information between companies within the procurement process.

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