As TORUN DIE CASTING, we know that the only way to succeed is not only having trained staff, advanced technology machines and spacious factories. What makes us who we are and makes our work high quality are our governance principles adopted by us as TORUN DIE CASTING. We take strength from these principles and reflect them in the manufacturing of the smallest piece bearing our signature.

Our Governance Principles:

  • Being responsible
  • Being fair
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

We are sensitive.

We are sensitive to the environment. In all our business processes, adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we aim to contribute minimizing environmental pollution and protecting of nature and environment. We are sensitive to people. We also pay attention to employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. The happier our employees are, the more successful our work will be. We know that empathy always wins.

We are respectful.

We respect people, labor and human rights at all times. Our focus is tolerance, empathy and healthy communication.

We are in favor of science and change.

A new technology is being produced every day of 21st century and both the manufacturing processes and the institutional values are being redefined. For this reason, we always pay attention to scientific curiosity and change in order to reach better and be a pioneer.

Our Values - Governance Principles - Torun Die Casting