TORUN DIE CASTING  believes that sustainable success can be achieved with a governance system that is designed to be innovative and consistently improving.

Together with digitalization and autonomous control, the industry 4.0 which we can define as the new industrial revolution of our era, points to the optimization of product development and manufacturing processes in the network with all software. That is why, as TORUN DIE CASTING, we shape our quality policy according to the principles of the new industrial revolution and proceed with 8 principles.

1.Customer Orientation:

For the long-term cooperation, we focus on all our customers and customer expectations.


Team and operation leaders strengthen internal participation of institution and they are responsible for creating a healthy work and working environment.

3.Employee Participation:

All our employees from every level are the essence of our organization. Full participation of everyone enables us to use the ability of the owners to benefit our company.

4.Process Approach:

We consider all our work which are project, activity and sources as a process that are needed to be planned from the beginning to the end.

5.System Approach in Management:

We regard processes related to each other as a system to increase productivity.


Our main goal is to continually improve the overall performance of our company.

7. Scientific Approach:

Regardless of the content, all our desicions are based on accurate information and data analysis.

8.Mutual Benefit Principle:

Organizations and suppliers are independent. We believe that the mutual benefit relationship has strengthened their ability to create surplus value.
Quality Policy I Future is Industry 4.0 I Torun Die Casting

Our Integrated Management Systems:


IATF 16949