The process determines the outcome for us. That’s exactly why we bring expertise, technology and quality together and we use the best quality equipment in all stages of manufacturing and we take the latest technology in manufacturing process. For this reason, we have realized mutual strategic business corporate agreements with the world’s most respected equipment manufacturers which are the pioneer and leader in the sector.

Torun die casting uses Siemens Nx plm software
Magmasoft-Simulation and virtual optimization of casting process

 Programs and Equipment that We are Using in the Engineering Process

  • NX 11 CAD program for design
  • MAGMASOFT 5.3 simulation program for flow analysis and verification
  • FLIR thermal camera to verify mould temperatures in test runs
  • The FONDAREX vacuum unit, which is particularly used in tightness or structural thin-section parts
  • LETHIGUEL jet cooling unit, which removes sticky and shrinkage porosity by ensuring that long cores are cooled with high pressure water from the inside up to 2mm
  • In the sample production, the metallography laboratory where the microstructure analysis of the casting part is made
  • VG StudioMax programmed with YXLON computerized tomography in which the 3D tomographic image of the casting part is taken in sample manufacturing.

Our Mould Manufacturing and Maintenance Equipment:

  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Universal Lathe
  • Column Drill Press
  • Tig Welding Machine
  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Stress Relief Furcace

Our Solution Partners and Manufacturing Equipment:

Turkey’s first K-Series Casting Machine is located in Torun DIE CASTING.

Die Casting Machines

Frech Logo

FRECH K-Class:

K-series 640 Ton Full Automatic HPDC Cell(2 pcs)

K-Series 830 Ton Full Automatic HPDC Cell(4 pcs)

K-series 1050 Ton Full Automatic HPDC Cell(2 pieces)

K-series 1300 Ton Full Automatic HPDC Cell(2 pieces)

Tower Melter Furnaces

Striko Westofen Logo

1000/2000 Melting / Holding (h) Capacity STRIKO WESTOFEN Tower Type Tempered Melting Furnace(1 unit)

2000/4000 Melting / Holding (h) Capacity STRIKO WESTOFEN Tower Type Tempered Melting Furnace(1 unit)

800 Kg Capacity Tempered Crucible Furnace(1 unit)

900 Kg Capacity STRIKO WESTOFEN Automatic Dosing Furnace(6 pieces)

1200 Kg Capacity STRIKO WESTOFEN Automatic Dosing Furnace(4 pieces)


FANUC (with Foundry protection feature) 6 Axis Robot used for picking part and trim loading processes in each cell (10 pieces)

Trimming Press


TECNOPRESS Trimming Presses (10 pieces) which operate full-automatically in the cell for cutting runner and general burr eliminating by pressurized air blowing operations in each cell.


Process control are made with high-tech TXLON X-Ray machine For detailed analysis, CT tomography is also used together with the state-of-the-art X-Ray Y-HDR Inspect

Our Other Equipment That Increases the Quality of Our Manufacturing Process:

  • Temperature controlled cooling tanks for part cooling (10 pieces)
  • ROBOMAT brand thermoregulation equipment (12 pieces) for mould heating and mould regulation
  • FOSECO fully automatic degassing unit to increase liquid metal quality
  • CESAN 7.5 tons capacity ceiling crane (2 pieces) for mould clamping and mould maintenance operations
  • FONDAREX brand vacuum device used at very low porosity levels
  • FLIR brand camera and thermal mapping software

Strategic Partnership Agreements