Torun Group which serves more than 15 years of service in its field and which has trade and logistics centers in Germany as well, continues its manufacturing facilities successfully in Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey. TORUN DIE CASTING which was established under the Torun Group’ roof, realizes its manufacturing with great care in İstanbul Tuzla factory in Turkey which is accepted as a logistics base in Europe.

Our logistic possibilities within 10 km of our Tuzla factory:

  • 8 harbors suitable for dry cargo and container transportation,
  • Possibility of air cargo to all major European trade and industrial cities, especially Germany; closeness to Sabiha Gökçen Airport,
  • Gebze train station logistic center on the new ‘Silk road’ railway train line from China to London,
  • The center of Istanbul’s largest customs and international logistics companies with 28 warehouses,
  • Experienced foreign trade operations and logistics team which possess foreign trade operation and international ICC rules.
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