Year 2016, Turkey.

TORUN Group which has years of experience in the metal industry and which is one of the Turkey’s most popular group, decided to go to a new structure to consolidate its strength in the sector and to develop a holistic service understanding to its customers and business partners. The vision of the company was to become a name in the field of provided aluminium die casting parts and sustainable solutions in automotive, aerospace, industrial, and the air conditioning sector not only in Turkey but also in the world. That is how TORUN DIE CASTING born.

TORUN DIE CASTING was founded in 2016 by Torun Invest Company which serves in Germany and exists within the structure of Torun Group which is one of the leading companies in Turkey. TORUN DIE CASTING took the road with the experienced and perfectionist employees in the sector and focused on the concept of integrated automation systems introduced by industry 4.0. In a short time, TORUN DIE CASTING completed all the quality equipment needed for different sectors but stated goals were pointing a lot higher.

With their already signed agreement of 10 die casting machines and with their very experienced staff TORUN DIE CASTING has started long-term co-operation with successful companies in the category of OEM -TIER 1 within one year. Invested in the most advanced machines to achieve high-quality aluminium die casting in long-term with sustainable strategies and gave acceleration to all its projects, especially its overseas projects.

Expert staff, advanced technology and corporate strength of Torun Group

TORUN DIE CASTING, which was established in Tuzla, Istanbul as of September 2017, has moved to its new factory that broke grounds with its layout plan. Along with our expert team, we are actively working with a global company that offers aluminum die casting parts and sustainable solutions in many sectors and we are obtaining more and more customers and business partners every day.

Torun Metal Group Headquarters

Because the TORUN DIE CASTING is taking power

From the 15 years of experience of Torun Group,

From the corporate culture that focuses on governance principles,

From the goal of being a pioneer in its field,

From proceeding the enlightening path of science and technology.