TORUN DIE CASTING is a ‘brand’, which is established under the Torun Group roof, which has many years of experience in its field and is rapidly progressing on its way with the vision of being a aluminium die casting company around the world. It carried out many prestigious projects in a short time thanks to advanced vehicles and technologies, well-established corporate culture focused on transparency and innovation as well as its team that creates an important value for the company. If you want to make a career in the field of pressure metal casting, work with one of the best in the field while taking this step and if you want to be part of this deep-rooted institutional culture, you just need to share your resume with our Human Resources team.

As TORUN DIE CASTING, we are excited to incorporate young talents and experienced names to our field.

Come and let’s grow up together; Let’s create the future together in the world of pressure metal casting.

Special Opportunities for TORUN DIE CASTING Employees:

Discover Torun Group I Being a Part of Torun Group I Torun Die Casting

Torun Academy and Education System

We offer a holistic orientation program for our new employees. We provide comprehensive information about our values and deeply rooted corporate culture not only in engineering but in all phases. 

Our Career System

We give priority to every employee to work in a position appropriate to their training and ideals and offer career opportunities at domestic and abroad with effective talent management.

Performance and Premium System

We believe that the best efforts are not made by only those of experts but also the happiest employees and we are working to give every employee what they deserve.

Global Perspective

We know the importance of participation in governance and decision-making processes, always thinking big with our dynamic and exciting team. 

Institutional Culture

We are powered by transparent, environmentally conscious and progressive approach of the Torun Group, which has a prestigious name in the field with years of experience.

R&D and the Academic Business Association

In today’s world, achievement depends on pursuing technology and being a pioneer. From this point of view, we make intensive R&D investments in every period, work together with universities and continuous training centers and offer many internships for young people. We also undertake sponsorships for master and doctoral theses in order for our field to gain more.