TORUN DIE CASTING was founded in 2016 by Torun Invest Company which serves in Germany and exists within the structure of Torun Group which is one of the leading companies in Turkey. TORUN DIE CASTING took the road with the experienced and perfectionist employees in the sector and focused on the concept of integrated automation systems introduced by industry 4.0. In a short time, TORUN DIE CASTING completed all the quality equipment needed for different sectors but stated goals were pointing a lot higher.

With their already signed agreement of 10 die casting machines and with their very experienced staff TORUN DIE CASTING has started long-term co-operation with successful companies in the category of OEM -TIER 1 within one year. Invested in the most advanced machines to achieve high-quality aluminium die casting in long-term with sustainable strategies and gave acceleration to all its projects, especially its overseas projects.


€130 M










TOP 500




To be a global brand that meets the expectations of the world’s leading industrial enterprises by producing products, components and parts and to be a role model firstly for global companies of the group with the way of business conduct, business conduct and systems.


To become the most preferred global and strategic partner that provides high quality and sustainable solutions for the expectations of major industrial brands serving in developed and developing countries in the field of aluminum die-casting within the context of cost leadership by preserving our expert staff and technological power.


As TORUN DIE CASTING, we know that the only way to succeed is not only having trained staff, advanced technology machines and spacious factories. What makes us who we are and makes our work high quality are our governance principles adopted by us as TORUN DIE CASTING. We take strength from these principles and reflect them in the manufacturing of the smallest piece bearing our signature.


Our Governance Principles:

  • Being responsible
  • Being fair
  • Transparency
  • Accountability


We are sensitive.

We are sensitive to the environment. In all our business processes, adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we aim to contribute minimizing environmental pollution and protecting of nature and environment. We are sensitive to people. We also pay attention to employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. The happier our employees are, the more successful our work will be. We know that empathy always wins.


We are respectful.

We respect people, labor and human rights at all times. Our focus is tolerance, empathy and healthy communication.


We are in favor of science and change.

A new technology is being produced every day of 21st century and both the manufacturing processes and the institutional values are being redefined. For this reason, we always pay attention to scientific curiosity and change in order to reach better and be a pioneer.



As TORUN Die Casting,

We believe that a management system that has an innovative approach and is based on continuous improvement activities, cost and lean management philosophy and also fed from Industry 4.0 and flexible manufacturing principles are crucial for sustainable success.

For that reason, we as Torun Die Casting, commit;

  • To be a customer-oriented team
  • To provide fast and effective solutions to each customer’s demands by focusing on customer expectations and feedback,
  • To comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System requirements, customer-specific requirements and the conditions we define in context,
  • To bring each kind of environment friendly technology state of the art into life which would add value to our employees and customers
  • To provide solutions for our shareholders to bring min. risk and max value and meet expectations of creating future value for our shareholders by considering management our all cost items and understanding of productivity or efficiency.
  • To follow and implement national and international laws and legislation
  • To establish a democratic sphere and opportunities for our employees according to their expectations to develop their talents or their own self-actualization.
  • To achieve a working environment for our employees where any kind of measures in the sake of safe & healthy working conditions to achieve zero defect.
  • To provide solutions to our suppliers by fulfilling their expectations in terms of on-time delivery and payment for the sake of sustaining our corporate image
  • To work for minimizing or if possible eliminating negative environmental effects by being environmentally sensitive
  • To reduce continuous energy consumption the amount of energy per production
  • We announce to our shareholders that we will protect privacy, integrity and accessibility of data safety belonging to our shareholders, take measures to sustain continuity of those data and information and provide necessary resources in order to meet the expectations of the information management system and manage all activities in compliance with this policy.


As TORUN Die Casting,

  • In order to reduce the activities on the environment, we will try to continuously improve the environmental management system by making planned applications and reviews in line with the goals and targets we have set.
  • We will continue our activities with the awareness of our responsibilities regarding the environment by encouraging the protection, reuse and recycling of limited resources
  • With the participation of all our employees, we will reduce the pollution load caused by our activities in order to achieve our goals and targets,
  • We will ensure our compliance by following the national legislation and relevant international obligations, the conditions of the establishment of membership, the expectations of thecustomersthe customersand related parties,
  • Taking into account GHG emissions; It minimizes the use of chemicals in production activities, the effects of climate change and emissions. Keeps air, water, soil and noise pollution to a minimum by using the best available technology in new processes. The weight of conventional energy resources for the sustainability of energy resources constantly reduces the direction of a return to renewable energy sources,
  • We undertake to raise awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers for the requirements and development of our management system.


It is accepted by Occupational and Safety to comply with legal, and international regulations and appropriate conditions to create a working environment that is sustained and sustained.

This form of policy;

  • To create a safe working environment; assess and relate agriculture to the health and safety risks that may benefit from treatment,
  • All information training on occupational health and safety of employees, suppliers and subcontractors,
  • Workplace accidents and risks of financial reasons in their profession, and everyone can complete their job, security, health and social benefits for their sub-jobs appreciates and all kinds of financial loss belonging to the family,
  • Work accident in business and product prices and safe situations and actions in occupational work, possible accident risks, a risk-free small scale and review design,
  • To be trained to ensure our occupational health and safety.
  • It is estimated as our OHS policy to achieve this goal by planning in the evaluable future for development.


TORUN DIE CASTING  believes that sustainable success can be achieved with a governance system that is designed to be innovative and consistently improving.

Together with digitalization and autonomous control, the industry 4.0 which we can define as the new industrial revolution of our era, points to the optimization of product development and manufacturing processes in the network with all software. That is why, as TORUN DIE CASTING, we shape our quality policy according to the principles of the new industrial revolution and proceed with 8 principles.

  1. Customer Orientation: For the long-term cooperation, we focus on all our customers and customer expectations.
  2. Leadership: Team and operation leaders strengthen internal participation of institution and they are responsible for creating a healthy work and working environment.
  3. Employee Participation: All our employees from every level are the essence of our organization. Full participation of everyone enables us to use the ability of the owners to benefit our company.
  4. Process Approach: We consider all our work which are project, activity and sources as a process that are needed to be planned from the beginning to the end.
  5. System Approach in Management: We regard processes related to each other as a system to increase productivity.
  6. Innovation: Our main goal is to continually improve the overall performance of our company.
  7. Scientific Approach: Regardless of the content, all our desicions are based on accurate information and data analysis.
  8. Mutual Benefit Principle: Organizations and suppliers are independent. We believe that the mutual benefit relationship has strengthened their ability to create surplus value.


ISO 14001

IATF 16949

ISO 9001

ISO 45001