TORUN DIE CASTING was founded in 2016 by the German-based TORUN Group which has trade and logistics centers in Germany and manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey. TORUN DIE CASTING, which manufactures aluminum high-pressure die casting parts for automotive, aerospace, defense industry, air conditioning and other large industrial establishments, made a difference in the field with its strong supply chain and advanced technologies in a short time. But it’s vision is far more than that. TORUN DIE CASTING which combines with the power of the years of experience of TORUN Group and its expert staff aims to be one of the most preferred suppliers of spare parts in the category of high-quality precision metal products not only in Turkey but also in the world

Torun Die Casting-Headquarters
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Innovation and R&D

As TORUN DIE CASTING, our aim is to carry high quality precision components which are carrying our signature, to a further point every time and make it perfect even more. That is why, we aim to actualize the most productive and low-cost products to our customers by focusing on innovation and R&D works. We manufacture our components with competitive prices with advanced tools and technologies that remove the borders of manufacturing capacity, and we work to provide ‘best’ for all our customers from different sectors.

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Expert Staff, Technology and Industry 4.0

The manufacturing process of high-quality precision metal components is a process that requires great care and professionalism in each step from planning to quality control stage. TORUN DIE CASTING makes automation and digitization processes faster according to the requirements of the age and proceeds confidently in the light of the principles of industry 4.0. Experienced engineers who are all experts in their field, the approach of zero defective manufacturing and ability to cast different metal alloys show the difference of TORUN DIE CASTING.

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Our Values And Governance Principles

As TORUN DIE CASTING, we see every employee as a separate value for our company and keep our staff actively involved in all processes. Torun Group’s four main governance principles are being responsible, justice, accountability and transparency that we carry for all departments from A to Z and aim to reflect ourselves by not only the products carrying our signature but also our corporate culture.

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Worldwide Large Supply Chain

TORUN DIE CASTING is looking for worldwide business partners. Believing in long-term cooperation in the manufacturing of metal die casting and high-quality precision metal components, our company intends to empower further its existing supply chain. To be a part of Torun Group which is one of the most valuable names in its field, contact us instantly.

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